March Specials


Hee Hing’s March
“Lucky We Live Hawaii” 

  Special Menu for Ten

Chinese Chicken Salad
Peking Duck
Tofu Mushroom Chowder
Garlic Pepper Salt Shrimp
Beef with Kai Lan
Mongolian Pork Chops
Steamed Fish Filet
Braised E Mein with Duck
Steamed Rice

$189 Table of Ten (reg. $229)
Max of two tables

 Special Menu for Four

Mu Shu Pork Wrap
Wintermelon Chicken Soup
Hong Kong Crisp Chicken
Shrimp Vegetables
Ma Po Tofu
Hee Hing Special Cake Noodles

$54 for four (reg. $69)

Live Maine Lobster Special

20 oz lobsters - $16.95 (reg. $32)
Coupon required

Dim Sum Coupon Special

Purchase Three
Receive ONE FREE
Dim Sum Selection**

**coupon required; lowest priced selection free;
expires April 15th; no cash value